Nature spirits are wanting to make contact

If you have a desire to forge a stronger link with the nature spirits here are a few pointers

Believe in them! Our belief in elementals/nature spirits strengthens them and gives them energy.

Appreciate the beauty all around you when you are out in nature. In the woodlands, by the sea, walking through meadows, local parks and mountain paths. See and appreciate the beauty in all these places and the nature spirits will be attracted to you.

Support the nature spirits by planting trees, growing flowers, feeding the birds, collecting litter ( it doesn't matter that it's not your rubbish - in fact, having the urge to collect litter everytime you are out in nature, is a sure sign that the nature spirits are want to make contact)

When pruning, transplanting or removing anything in your garden - plants, trees, bushes, always give at least 24 hours notice. (I even warn them when the grass is going to be mown) Naturally, permission should always be sought first and then thanks given if we pull a parsnip or lop a lettuce!! It would also be worth remembering that the nature spirits connected to these plants do not really understand our thoughts in words, but rather read our messages from the feeling vibrations which accompany the spoken words.

Communication with the elementals needs to be carried out lovingly so the message may be understood. If our message carries feelings of love and affection then this will be better understood by them. So speak to them as you would to a child - speak with lots of affection and feeling. Remember emotions are words and the emotional plane is their home and workplace.