After years of lecturing holistic therapies in a local college and teaching Usui Reiki, I was guided to bring forward this particular Reiki system. It is a healing modality that works specifically with earth energies, something known as the Green Ray. This Ray is the living life force of the Earth and is very powerful. Both myself and my students discovered that working with this Ray greatly enhanced our healing abilities.

Although anyone can connect with the Green Ray through meditation, the use of ancient symbols and mantras available in the Green Ray Reiki system takes healing to another level. The following guidance came from spirit during a reading with Edwin Courtenay;

“Connecting to the Green Ray through meditation is fine, it’s like going to church to pray” but “Connecting via the Green Reiki system is like becoming a priest. It is for people who are serious about healing – for themselves, others, and the planet.”

Apart from the healing aspect, Green Ray Reiki is a two day course that will resonate strongly with anyone who has a passion for organic growing, who wants to assist Mother Earth in these challenging times, and would like to learn more about the elementals and how to work with them.

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