About Sue

Sue currently resides in East Yorkshire England with (long suffering) husband Dave. She is lucky enough to be mum to four wonderful grown up daughters and nan to two amazing grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter.

For many years she has worked as a qualified Holistic Therapist/Teacher/Lecturer and Reiki Master and has for the last six years been an ambassador for the Elemental Kingdom. She also organises events and workshops to advise people how to work with Nature Spirits. From these she hopes that there will evolve a greater understanding of the Elemental Realms

Sue receives channelled messages from her Guardian angels and her Elemental guides. These channellings from the Elementals are nearly always delivered in rhyme, sometimes about spiritual teaching and caring for the planet and sometimes about guidance on the powers of the Elemental World and how mankind may benefit from these.

For workshop dates for 2013/14 workshops please contact Sue greenraysue@live.co.uk or 01964 552987

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